OYM exists to facilitate & promote the growth of the church community-both inside and outside-through developing generations to lead.  We will accomplish this by:

  • Establishing and walking in relationship with local student ministry pastors, that goes beyond the “events”

  • Organizing and executing statewide events & experiences that assist the local student pastors, churches, and students.

  • Networking, resourcing and providing overall service.

  • Discipleship/Bible Quiz – In our efforts to develop generations to lead, discipleship must be @ the forefront with development, promotion, and

  • STL/Missions – Educating the new generations on missions and giving and getting essential transportation and creative communication tools into
    the hands of missionaries all over the planet.

  • Youth Alive and SHIFT School Assemblies – Being a resource to the local campuses across our state.

  • Creating and promoting an environment and platforms where leaders can think outside the box, in order to reach the communities across
    Oklahoma in new and innovative ways. “God doesn’t just speak at evangelistic meetings or from pulpits on Sunday. Sometimes He uses the
    things that men respect and hear in the very world where you would least expect to hear Him speak.”


visit www.oklahomayouthministries.com for more details


Heath Corrales // Oklahoma Youth Ministries
(405) 475-1180