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Envisioning the next phase of Sparks Camp

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Darryl & Faith Wootton


God has provided miraculously in so many areas of Sparks Camp, and we’re thankful for the buildings, funding, miracles and spiritual results. As we celebrate the great things that have happened at Sparks Camp, it is also time to look to the future. 

In 2018, our summer camp program experienced another impressive year, with over 5,000 students attending. Investing in our camp and more importantly, its students, has proven to be a worthwhile decision. Now is the time to continue to make that investment!

Help us make the DREAM a REALITY!




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Oklahoma is well-known as the home of dangerous weather. Tornadoes are very common across the state and having a proper facility for safety is a necessity. The Solid Rock (storm shelter) will be the size of a high school gymnasium. It will feature reinforced concrete from floor to ceiling. Inside the Solid Rock over one thousand people will be safe and secure. 

Used with permission.

Used with permission.

Used with Permission.

Used with Permission.

Along with the safety features, the Solid Rock will also serve as an indoor gymnasium where basketball, volleyball and other activities can be conducted. This gives our camp property a wonderful alternative on days when rain could hinder activities.

Surrounding the Solid Rock, will be a Conference Center that will greatly increase the potential for events and activities at Sparks Camp. This Conference Center will house administrative offices, a first-aid station, a meeting room for 150 people as well as up to 20 hotel-style rooms.

These additions will serve the camping program by freeing up an entire cabin currently used for administration/medical purposes. The Solid Rock will also be a great facility for Church Retreats, smaller District events and more!

Key Features:

Administrative Offices

First-Aid Station

Meeting Room (150 people)

Hotel Rooms (2 queen beds and private showers in each)



Another part of The DREAM Project is the construction of a swimming pool capable of holding 200 people at one time. The swimming pool will be a first class area that will have a pool house for changing and restroom facilities. It will have a lounging area with covered seating, providing shade from the summer sun. 

Key Features:

  • In-ground, non-diving pool

  • Shaded areas for lounging

  • Pool house with changing and restroom facilities

  • Capacity = 200 swimmers



Separate from the Aquatic Center will be a Splash Pad. Similar to what you might find in a city park, the Splash Pad will allow for students to enjoy a water feature during their downtime at camp. Designed in such a way that fits the architecture of the camp, the Splash Pad will be situated near the current concession stand. This will create a wonderful place for students to gather while at camp.

Key Features:

  • Water feature designed for enjoyment during downtime of camp

  • Large, shaded picnic area joining Splash Pad to concession stand

  • Can serve as a central meeting place for students and coaches




All of our churches are asked to “sponsor” their students (ages 8-18) by setting a goal of raising $400/student.

Simply total the number of students in your church and multiply that number by $400.

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The priority of The DREAM Project is the construction of the Solid Rock Storm Shelter. One of the ways individuals can participate in The DREAM is to become a Storm Chaser. A Storm Chaser is an individual who will pledge $1,000 over the course of twelve months, in support of the Solid Rock.

If you would like to become a Storm Chaser, you can download this form and mail to:

Oklahoma District Council
P.O. Box 13179
Oklahoma City, OK 73113

 If you would like to begin your commitment by giving today, please click below and select "The DREAM Project" in the fund field. 

There are several other ways churches, businesses and individuals can support The DREAM Project. Some of those include:

  • Private Donation for construction of the Aquatic Center

  • Private Donation for construction of the Splash Pad

  • Sponsorship of Hotel Room in the Conference Center

  • Sponsorship of the Meeting Room in the Conference Center

  • Sponsorship of First-Aid station in the Conference Center

  • Sponsorship of Administrative Offices in the Conference Center


If you are interested in donating to The DREAM Project, email camp@okag.org or call (405) 475-1100.


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