Bagby, Meredith // MA - South Africa / Africa      

Caldwell, Michael and Debbie // Uruguay / Latin American Caribbean

Clements, Darin and Diana // Cambodia / Asia Pacific

Coose, Jeff and Tammy // International Ministries / Jacob’s Hope

Davidson, Gary and Wilma // Ireland / Europe

Edgmon, Blake and Katy // Ireland / Chi Alpha

Ford, Kirk and Karla // IMM / Spain / Europe

Hales, Chris and Amy // Czech Republic / Europe

Hazelrigg, Daniel and Janene // Mexico / Latin America Caribbean

Heaston, Ted and Carolyn // Global University

Hogan, Cory and Angela // Mexico / Latin America Caribbean    

Kuert, Bill and Barbara // Kenya / Africa

Kuert, Stephen and Bailey // Global University / International Ministries

Lemos, Mark and Helba // Brazil / Latin America Caribbean

Lemons, Jimmy and Cynthia // Togo / Africa

Marsh, Dakota and Jordan // Compassion Link / Sustain Hope

McGhee, Quentin and Elizabeth // Latin America Caribbean

McKnight, Stephen and Kristen // Philippines / Asia Pacific

Middleton, Joni // France / Europe Project Rescue

Morrow, Trent and Tina // Uruguay, Latin America Caribbean

Moore, Bill and Reita // Africa Tabernacle Evangelism

Nargiz, Garo and Jordania // Brazil, Latin America Caribbean

Perna, Al and Emanuela // Italy, Europe

Quinn, Adam and Sarah // Costa Rica, Latin America Caribbean

Rider, Fari // Taiwan, Asia Pacific

Ridge, Kristie // MA - South Africa / Africa

Roberts, Jason and Roberta // Mexico, Latin America Caribbean

Schmidt, David and Carol // Cameroon / Africa

Sears, Josh and Lisa // LAC Strategic Network / Latin America Caribbean

Shoultz, Jared and Kaila // Mozambique / Africa

Smalling, Grady and Janet // Latin America Caribbean

Snow, Steve and Kimberly // Chile / Latin America Caribbean

Stamps, Todd and Leslie // Portugal

Stuke, Brian and Crystal // South Africa / Africa

Stewart, Charles and Linda // Latin America Caribbean

Swafford, David and Shirley // Latin America Caribbean

Swatek, Cassandra // MA - France / Europe

Tyler, Kevin and Eunice // International Ministries

Weatherly, Adam and Bethany // Spain

Welch, Bob and Karen // Continental Theological Seminary, Europe

Wideman, Loretta // Kenya, Africa


Blankenship, Airika // Backyard Orphans - Orphan Care         

Bunn, Charlie and Dona // Chi Alpha, UCO

Burke, Deborah // OKC Inner-City Church

Castro, Jacob and Valerie // CMIT - Chi Alpha

Coon, Karen // Freedom House Teen Challenge

Coppock, Michael // MA - Chi Alpha

Darden, Randall and Lacy // MA - Chi Alpha

Deisher, John and Kathy // Chi Alpha, OSU

Dobbs, Destry and Cynthia // MA - Chi Alpha, OSU

Fitzgerald, Mark and Nancy // Intercultural, Hispanic Ministries

Floyd, Dale and Virginia // Prison Chaplaincy

Garrett, Brandon and Stacy // MA - Chi Alpha, OSU

Gray, Wayne and Mischa // Teen Challenge

Jones, Mariah // MA - Chi Alpha

Peterman, Dacia // MA - Chi Alpha

Pierce, Kathryn // Intercultural, Native American Ministry

Ramsey, Don // Intercultural, Native American Ministry

Scott, James and Norma // Intercultural, Native American Ministry

Sperry, Michael and JayLynn // MA - Chi Alpha

Taylor, Vanessa // MA - Chi Alpha

Tiffany, Greg and Susan // Chi Alpha, TU