The department of Church Ministries is positioned to serve, partner and network with local churches and ministries throughout the communities, rural areas and cities of Oklahoma.  Church Ministries encompasses all adult ministry for the local church:  discipleship, evangelism, small groups, marriage enrichment, men’s and women’s ministries, single and senior adult ministries.

We desire that all churches large and small focus more on church health and individual ministry rather than programs.

Our goal is to help define healthy church life and partner to make the ministries of Oklahoma among men and women engaging and influential in their culture. Please find the following links as a more descriptive resource for the particular areas under church ministries.

Chad Brodrick // Church Ministries Director
(405) 475-1190


4 6 1   R E S P O N S E 

The 461 Response network of Assemblies of God churches and districts is committed to helping to reach communities during times of trouble, according to their needs, and as the Lord provides.

461 Response training will prepare and qualify your church to respond before the critical incident occurs and will provide the organizational and structural resources needed to facilitate a proper, effective response after the event. After our training, not only will your church have an emergency preparedness plan, but your church will be prepared to respond as a Caring Community, Responding Community, and/ or Healing Community.